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A Prospect Of Swans - Various - Poems By Edmund Blunden (Vinyl, Album)


  1. Swans is a rock and roll band that makes music about sensations and experiences that are so intense they overwhelm human comprehension. They're also my absolute favorite band of all time. Michael Gira's orchestra has helped shape my artistic taste and even my general worldview more than any other artist. In this list I'll attempt to summarize their large, extremely diverse .
  2. SWANS Vinyl Records and CDs: Strikes of blunt percussion repeat relentlessly. Drone-scapes of acoustic and electric instruments create both warm, familiar nostalgic sounds of the past and cold, and alien music we hope the future will never bring. Producing the heaviest sound imaginable, Swans' auricular hypnosis is overwhelmingly forceful.
  3. The album steps into Post Rock territory almost completely and moves away from the more gothic sound of the earlier 90's, and even further away from the sludge post-punk of even earlier. Gira wanted this album to be like a soundtrack from a non-existent film. What it turned out to be was probably Swans most varied album ever.
  4. Swans Articles and Media. Our creative director Michael Renaud picks out 20 of the most visually striking record covers of the year featuring: a twisted FKA twigs, creepy baby heads, creepier.
  5. A Prospect of Swans Thoughts of Thomas Hardy The Vanishing Land this selection of Edmund Blunden’s poems raises a question: can we draw a line, even a hundred years after the event, and say, ‘It’s over’? as well as editions of various poets’ works. Blunden’s edition of The Poems of Wilfred Owen was published in , the 4/5(32).
  6. Oct 23,  · When Decibel met with Swans founder/visionary Michael Gira in San Francisco last fall before a solo show he said new Swans music was coming after a three-year gap. A year later he’s lived up to the promise with the double album Leaving Meaning. “Leaving Meaning is the first Swans album to be released since I dissolved the lineup of musicians that constituted Swans .
  7. Mar 23,  · The Glowing Man – The Latest Swans album, this album was an absolutely phenomenal send off for the group, and it made me sad when I finished it, realizing Swans was done. Go give this a listen. 9/ Filth – Swans debut is rough, gritty and dirty. It’s an album that carries and attitude of not caring what anyone thinks about.
  8. Apr 01,  · Swan's album "To Be Kind" is a rock masterpiece, creating amazing soundscapes and pulling you into its insanity. My favorite track off of the whole album is "Bring The Sun/Toussiant L'Ouverture, mostly because it doesn't even feel like a 34 minute song. It goes by so fast. Pretty good album, I recommend listening to it. 10//5().

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